The Struggle is REAL!

You start your day unsure of what to focus on and time seems to slip away. You wish you could get done the things that will move your business forward without constantly working or thinking about work? Sometimes it feels like when you start getting momentum, something always happens to throw you off track. There is nothing wrong with you, biz ownership is hard and no one can do all the things. You don't have to do it alone!

What if you could

  • Work less, while getting more done
  • Be laser focused on your goals
  • Easily execute the plans you create
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"Amber’s Incubator gives me a clear framework for setting priorities and keeping track of everything that happens on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis. I highly recommend this process to anyone who is thinking that they are always overwhelmed and have too much to do."

Jen McFarland, CEO Women Conquer Business - Incubator Member

Are you tired of pushing your goals to the next month or year, over....and over?

"Amber has helped me get into motion and I am so excited to see things take shape! Her style is so validating and focused on self-care but with that healthy dose of realness that helps you get unstuck and get sh*t done!"

- Rebecca McDermott, Therapist

I'm Amber Hawley.

I'm a licensed therapist, entrepreneur and a dotcom dropout with ADHD.

I have helped countless neurospicy people take the life they feel is chaotic and turn it into one of flow and ease. I host the Easily Distracted Entrepreneur Podcast, own a training and consulting business where I focus on burnout, supporting biz owners (especially neurodiverse biz owners) on the addressing the emotional side of business for greater business growth.

My experience working in tech and then starting 3 business in the last 12 years has helped me learn a thing or two about getting shit done!

Change How You're Working

Structure Your Workflows and Time to Work for You

  • Optimize your schedule for more deep work
  • Master calendar integrity
  • Learn how to accommodate your unconforming brain
  • Learn how to combat psychological triggers that impact doing what you know you need to do

Set Goals and Prioritization for Easy Execution

  • Perform a todo list diagnostic
  • Psychology based strategies for follow through
  • Massive support for realistic and effective goal setting
  • Learn to build momentum in the work you do

Become a Master of Intentional Focus

  • Assess distraction vs opportunity
  • Apply discernment matrix
  • Activate flow states aka "the zone"
  • Create habits and rituals to become distraction proof-(ish)

Do you ever say any of these...

  • I have big goals for 2023, but I'm scared that I won't actually reach them
  • I feel like I'm NOT meeting my full potential
  • I have so much to do but I have a hard time knowing where to start
  • I know what to do but struggle to follow through
  • I'm working WAY to much for what I'm accomplishing
  • I feel constantly behind, I don't even know what I did all day

"I keep making small shifts in my schedule and it's having a big impact on my productivity and overall energy."

— Dania Chebib, Therapist and App Creator (Incubator Member)

Now Enrolling

What's Included in the 6 month program:

(Join now and finish the year working less,
making more and having a bigger impact)

  • Group Coaching 2x a month
  • Weekly CoWorking
  • Weekly Planning Sessions
  • Monthly Planning Session
  • Quarterly Goal Planning Workshop
  • Customizable Workflow Templates
  • Monthly Individual Coaching
  • Monthly Workshops
  • Weekly Check-ins
  • Fix This Next Assessment®
  • Organizational Checklists
  • Guest Expert Trainings

Investment: $4,500

Limited to 10 Spots | Payment Plans Available


What Incubator Members Are Saying

"I've learned to be kinder to myself and that I'm not underperforming, I was just overcommitted"

- Jen McFarland, CEO Women Conquer Business

"My business has changed so much, I added a clinician and have booked 10 private pay clients in just 3 weeks."

- Jessica Taylor, Founder Therapy for Black Women

Eastern Time Zone Incubator Schedule


What days/times are the meetings held?

See the above calendar for regular meeting times in Eastern Time Zone. Click to see calendars in each timezone.

Pacific, Mountain, Central, Eastern

Quarterly Goal Planning Workshops happen in March, June, September, & December (usually on Fridays)
Perfect Work Week Workshops happen live every 2 months
Systems Workshops and Money Mindset Workshops happen every 2-3 months
Guest Expert Trainings are scheduled based on the presenters schedule
Extra Coworking Sessions are schedule at various days/times
Check-ins happen via voxer, email or text (based on your preference)

Are the sessions recorded?

All the sessions and events are recorded except for coworking.

Do I need to be neurodivergent to join?

No. Even neurotypical biz owners struggle with focus and follow through. Although knowing how to support my fellow neurospicy peeps makes this an extra special place for support.

How many people will be in the incubator?

In order to provide the best experience the incubator is being limited to just 15 people for each cohort.

Pacific Time Zone Incubator Schedule
Mountain Time Zone Incubator Schedule
Central Time Zone Incubator Schedule